What is RabbitMQ ?


Before I explain you RabbitMQ lets see what is Java Messaging Service (JMS) ?
You might have heard term Java Messaging Service (JMS) but you might not have used it OR have not done any implementation.

By JMS two different Java applications can interact with each other and send/receive the messages. Like we human beings interact with each other by text messages.
So in same way by JMS two different Java applications can interact with each other.

For us while communicating with each other we have medium as mobile service. In case of JMS we need some inter-mediator to send and receive messages to/from Java application and that is message broker and RabbitMQ is one of those message brokers.

Message can not go directly from one Java app to other and hence we need Queue and Exchange.
RabbitMQ is written in the Erlang programming language. Rabbit Technologies Ltd. originally developed RabbitMQ.

It is open source and anyone can use it. You can use RabbitMQ with Spring Boot and Spring MVC using RabbitTemplte.

If you want to learn more about RabbitMQ and its practical implementation with Java, Spring Boot and Spring MVC then just CLICK HERE