FREE Course - Web Development - Complete Fast Track Course (2019)

Course Description
Hello! Do you want to create websites? Do you want to disrupt the internet by creating the next breakthrough app? Do you have a great idea for an application that could help thousands of people but don't yet know how to turn it into a real thing?
If yes then you're in the right place and I am excited to be sharing this wonderful world with you!
So welcome to the last course you'll ever need to learn web development, specifically aimed at creatives who are looking to translate their skills into useful practical applications.
Given the number of resources to learn web development online I have always been disappointed by the lack of a complete and comprehensive overview of web development for bright learners like yourself to get started with.
With this course I want to offer a curricular balance which I truly would have loved to have when I was learning.
I will do this by teaching you both:
  • The full foundation of web development, understanding how websites and the web work and getting to know the elements that go into making a full stack application.
  • The ins and outs of all the foundation technologies of web development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL. Going in-depth and giving you great amount of detail to assure complete mastery of each by the end.
You see, other courses I have seen are either:
  • Too complex and full of details of one-off scenarios without having established a solid understanding of the basics.
  • Too simple and not providing sufficient information to get you started building websites.
Under my instruction, by the end of this course you will be a fully fledged web developer who will be both:
  • Apt with the process of creating a full stack website from start to finish.
    • Making the content
    • Styling
    • Making it interactive
    • Making it dynamic
  • Equipped with extensive knowledge about each specific technology, allowing you to build complex sites from scratch.
Basically, just by taking this fast track course you will immediately be able to:
  • Make your own sites from scratch.
  • Become a tech entrepreneur by making your own apps.
  • Have a position to impact the internet.
  • Get employed as a professional web developer (salary ranging from $50000 pa for a junior developer to more than $120000 for senior dev).
  • Work as a freelance web developer (typical rate ranging from $30 per hour for a beginner to upwards of $150 per hour for a more experienced developer ).
  • Call yourself a professional web developer!
So come on, enroll now and let's start making things happen!
Who this course is for:
  • Creative people looking to gain knowledge on how to build interesting and useful websites.
  • The course will start from the very basics so people just starting out will find it useful.