Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Selenium Interview Questions And Answers

1) What is Automation Testing ?
Ans - Automation testing is a process of automating the manual process to test the application. Once you have test scripts ready you can execute them repeatedly without any manual efforts.

2) What are the benefits of Automation Testing ?
Ans - 
1) can execute repeated test cases without any manual efforts.
2) can execute test cases in parallel.
3) save time, money and manual work.
4) improves accuracy.

3) What is Selenium ?
Ans - Selenium is a portable framework for testing web applications. We can use Selenium Web Driver with many different programming languages like Java, Python, Php, .Net.

4) Which are different components of Selenium ?
Ans -
1) Selenium IDE
2) Selenium Web Driver
3) Selenium RC
4) Selenium Grid

5) Which testing types are supported by Selenium ?
Ans - 
1) Functional Testing
2) Regression Testing

6) What are the limitations of Selenium ?
Ans - 
1) We can only test web applications using Selenium.
2) We can not test mobile applications using Selenium.
3) We can not handle captch with Selenium.
4) Prior programming language knowledge is required.

7) What is Selenese ?
Ans - It is the programming language which is used to write test scripts in Selenium IDE.

8) What are the different types of locators in Selenium ?
Ans - The identifier is used to locate a web element within the web page. Below are the different types.
1) Id
2) ClassName
3) Name
4) TagName
5) LinkText
6) Xpath
7) DOM
8) PartialLinkText
9) CSS Selector

9) What is difference between assert and verify commands ?
Ans - 
Assert - Assert command checks whether the given condition is true OR false. Say we want to check if a web element is present on web page or not. If web element is present i.e condition is true then we want to proceed further else we want to stop the execution.

Verify - Verify command also checks whether the given condition is true OR false. But the difference is that when condition is false it does not stop the execution of the program.

10) Which is the latest selenium tool ?
Ans - WebDriver

11) What are the different types of Drivers available in Selenium WebDriver ?
Ans - The different Driver are as listed below.
1) FirefoxDriver
2) InternetExplorerDriver
3) ChromeDriver
4) SafariDriver
5) OperaDriver
6) AndroidDriver
7) IPhoneDriver
8) HtmlUnitDriver

12) What are the different types of waits in WebDriver ?
Ans - 1) Implicit wait and 2) Explicit wait.

13) Can Selenium handle Windows based pop up ?
Ans - Selenium only supports automation testing of web based applications. Hence it can not handle Windows pop ups.

14) What are the advantages of Automation Framework ?
Ans -
1) Code Re-usability.
2) Easy reporting
3) Low cost maintenance.

15) What are the different types of frameworks ?
Ans - 
1) Module based Testing
2) Library Architecture Testing
3) Data Driven Testing
4) Keyword Driven Testing
5) Hybrid Testing