FREE Course - Crash Course Into JavaFX: The Best Way to make GUI Apps

Crash Course Into JavaFX: The Best Way to make GUI Apps

Course Description :-
In this course we will be covering the essentials of JavaFX. Even if you don't have any prior GUI programming experience, you'll find that you can jump right in as all of the syntax and concepts will be explained thoroughly.

The course uniquely brings real-word  projects, deep dives into every topic, and constant implementation of the topics we cover. The course will prepare you for the basics of JavaFX at a major company as we will be covering the professional lingo that surrounds Java as well. We will also be using on of the most popular IDEs available, Eclipse.

The topics we will cover range from  the basics(nodes, buttons, and panes) to slightly the more complicated (shapes, colors, and property binding). We will be explaining all of the syntax and terminology at the beginning of each lesson, but will always be implementing the concepts throughout the lesson. This means that if you know the terms, but not how to implement them you should still be able to enjoy the course.

In addition, we will have extensive case studies that will allow us to tackle real world problems using the ideas we have discussed. The course is structured with the lessons being through, so that we can have an in-depth dive into each topic, but not too long as to become boring.
At the beginning of every lesson there will be a summary of what we will cover, and any major topics you may want to brush up on. The course is designed to take around 1-2 days to complete, however there is nothing that prevents your from taking your time or binging. Hopefully you are as excited as I am to start learning JavaFX together!

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for students who are looking to learn how to use the JavaFX toolkit from the ground up
  • It is also for students who want to brush up on the basics of JavaFX and the associated syntax
  • It is not for those who already have a deep understanding of JavaFX