Graph Database : Neo4j with Spring Boot - Udemy Course

This course is all about Neo4j which is Graph Database and it is type of NoSQL.

In this course you will learn Neo4j in detail and also you will learn How to use Neo4j with Spring Boot ?

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Below are topics that this course covers :-

    What is Graph, Node and Property ?
    Neo4j Installation
    Create & Drop Database
    Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) Operations in Neo4j.
    Cypher Query Language (CQL)
    AND, OR and IN Queries In Neo4j.
    Relationship between Nodes
    Relationship Properties
    Constraints in Neo4j - Unique Constraint, Property Existence Constraint & Node Key Constraint
    Neo4j with Spring Boot using Spring Data Neo4j
    Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) Operations using Spring Data Neo4j
    AND, OR and IN Queries using Spring Data Neo4j
    Optional Match and Detach Delete

May be you are thinking why to learn Neo4j ?

The answer is when you have complex relations in your SQL database then if you try with query which has lot of JOINS in it then it will slow down the performance where as Neo4j is faster as compared to SQL databases.

Neo4j is being used by companies like Airbus, Walmart, eBay, Adobe etc.

By end of the course you will be able to manage data in Neo4j Graph Database along with your Spring Boot Application. You will be able to execute CQLs to perform different operations in Neo4j.

This course covers Neo4j with Spring Boot because Spring Framework is widely used among Java Developers.