Keycloak : Single Sign On with Spring Boot & Spring Security - Udemy Course

In this course you will learn to implement Single Sign On (SSO) with Spring Boot & Spring Security.

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In this course you will learn Keycloak which is an open source software product to allow single sign-on with Identity and Access Management aimed at modern applications.

With Keycloak you can centrally manage all your users at once place along with Roles. From User's perspective they do not need to login for each application. Login once and access all applications under that organization. That's why it is called as Single Sign On (SSO).

In this course you will learn Single Sign On (SSO) with Keycloak with Spring Boot & Spring Security. Also you will learn Role based Authorization with Keycloak.

Now a days Spring framework is widely used among Java Developers and specifically Spring Boot is in high demand. So this course covers SSO with Spring Boot and Spring Security.

First you we will get started with basics of Authentication & Authorization. After that will jump to Keycloak.

To work with Keycloak you need to have basic knowledge of Spring Security & Thymeleaf. If you do not have that then do not worry because I am covering basics of Spring Security & Thymeleaf in this course.

Keycloak provides adapter that we can integrate with Spring Security in our Spring Boot application. That's what we are going to use in this course. We will be having two Spring Boot apps with which we will implement Single Sign On (SSO).

Keycloak can be configured with several SQL databases and in this course we will use MySQL to be used with Keycloak.

Course Topics & Lectures :-

• Basics of Authentication & Authorization

What is Authentication & Authorization ?

What is Single Sign On (SSO) ?

Introduction To Keycloak

Keycloak Installation

• Basics of Spring Security & Thymeleaf

Introduction to Spring Security & Thymeleaf

Setting Up Spring Boot App

Spring Data JPA with MySQL

Login Page with Spring Security

Spring Security Configuration

Usage of UserDetailsService

Password Encoder with Spring Security

User Home Page with Thymeleaf

Spring Security In Action

Authorization with Spring Security

Access Denied Page with Spring Security

Logout with Spring Security

• Getting Started with Keycloak

Why Keycloak ? Problem Statement

Running Keycloak

Setting Up MySQL for Keycloak

MySQL Drivers for Keycloak

MySQL as Datasource for Keycloak

Keycloak with MySQL In Action

Change Port of Keycloak Server

• Exploring Keycloak

Keycloak Admin Console

What is Realm & Client In Keycloak ?

Create Realm & Clients

Create Users with Keycloak

Assign Roles to Users with Keycloak

• Keycloak with Spring Boot & Spring Security

Configure Keycloak with Spring Boot

Keycloak Configuration with Spring Security

Keycloak In Action

Preparing Second App In Same Manner

Single Sign On (SSO) In Action

Logout with Keycloak